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This segment of the website is to provide a list of research papers that reference Dr. Easttom's work and other information regarding places where that work has had some impact.

Dr. Easttom's  books and articles have been referenced by numerous computer scientists, including several Ph.D. dissertations.  A few of those references are included here. You can find my papers on Google Scholar

Dissertations and Thesis citing Dr. Easttom's work

  1. An assessment of user response to phishing attacks: the effects of fear and self-confidence by Deanna House, Ph.D. Dissertation in Information Systems, University of Texas Arlington.

  2. Assessment of Users' Information Security Behavior in Smartphone Networks- Ph. D dissertation of Mohammad jafar Esmaeili Eastern Michigan University.

  3. A cryptographically-based operating system security model that protects against privileged attackers. By Christian Pain Ph.D. Dissertation Murdoch University School of Information Technology

  4. Assessing and Mitigating Information Security Risk in Saudi Arabia. Ph.D. dissertation of Abdulaziz Saad Alarifi. University of Wollongong

  5. Reference Model Based High Fidelity Simulation Modeling for Manufacturing Systems by Hansoo Kim Ph.D. Dissertation, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology.

  6. Leadership Styles and Information Security in Small Businesses: An Empirical Investigation by Debasis Bhattachary, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Phoenix.

  7. The adoption of business-to-business systems by small and medium enterprises in Amman and the perceptions of its influence on performance and efficiency by Anals A. AlBakry, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Southern Queensland.

  8. Models, Services and Security in Modern Online Social Networks, Ph.D. dissertation of Alessio Bonti Deakin University, Australia.

  9. Strengthening e-crime legislation in the UAE: Learning lessons from the UK and the EU. Waleid Al Antali. Ph.D. dissertation Middlesex University.

  10. Framework for Performance Evaluation of Computer Security Incident Response Capabilities by Qutaiba Al Harfi Albluwi. Ph.D. Dissertation University of Rhode Island.

  11. Design of a Forensic Overlay Model for Application Development Linlin Ke, Master’s Thesis, College of Engineering, University of Canterbury.

  12. Forensic Analysis of Linux Physical Memory: Extraction and Resumption of Running Processes. ED Mougoue, Master’s Thesis, James Madison University.

  13. Motivations behind Software Piracy: From the viewpoint of Computer Ethics Theories. Bethelhem Tadele, Master’s Thesis University of Oulu (Scandinavia).

  14. Securing CAN Bus Communication: An Analysis of Cryptographic Approaches by Jennifer Ann Bruton. Master’s Thesis National University of Ireland, Galway.

  15. Guidelines for the Adaptation of the TETRA Educational Programme at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to Address Human Behavioural Issues. Master’s thesis of Nico Pieter Fouché.

  16. A DDoS Security Control Framework. Post graduate thesis of Lars Drost.

  17. Proactive Forensic Support for Android Devices, by KARTHIK M. RAO. Master of Cyber Security Thesis at Wright State University

  18. An Analysis of Digital Forensic Units. Kaitlyn Gurule master’s thesis Purdue University

  19. The value of automated fingerprint indentification system as a technique in the identification of suspects. By Madimetja Edward Mokwele. Master of Technology Thesis University of South Africa.



    Universities using Dr. Easttom's books

A number of colleges and universities around the world have used, or are using one or more of Dr. Easttom's books as textbooks.  Below is an exemplary sample of some of those universities.

1. Auburn University
2. University of Texas at Dallas
3. University of Dallas
4. University of Oklahoma
5. Arizona Western College
6. Kent State University Ohio
7. California State University, Los Angeles
8. Pennsylvania State University
9. University of Nebraska
10. University of North Dakota
11. Illinois State University
12. University of Southern California
13. Western Illinois University
14. University of South Carolina
15. University of Wyoming
16. Florida State University
17. East Tennessee State University
18. The Citadel
19. University of The Incarnate Word
20. Midwestern State University
21. University of S Carolina-Lancaster
22. Southeast Missouri State University
23. George Mason University
24. Queen’s College New York
25. American Military University
26. Columbus State University
27. Texas Christian University
28. Liberty University
29. Illinois Institute of Technology
30. Rochester Institute of Technology
31. California State Los Angeles
32. Wentworth Institute of Technology
33. Western Nevada College
34. Eastern Florida State College
35. Florida State College
36. University of Southern Florida Sarasota
37. College of So Nevada-Cheyenne
38. College of S Nevada-W Charleston
39. Colorado Mesa University
40. Temple University
41. Calumet College – University of St. Joseph
42. University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
43. Kurukshetra University (India)
44. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Malaysia)
45. Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
46. Trinity College of Puerto Rico
47. Technological Institute of the Philippines
48. Nigeria University
49. SRM University Chennai India
50. Louisiana Technical University
51. Brookdale Community College
52. Hagerstown Community College
53. Wake Technical Community College
54. Nashville State Community College
55. Delmar College
56. Southwestern Community College
57. Charter Oak State College
58. Triton College
59. Hartford Community College
60.  Southern Methodist University
61. London Metropolitan University(United Kingdom)
62. Nottingham Trent University(United Kingdom)
63. Wrexham Glyndŵr University (United Kingdom)(United Kingdom)
64. University of Gloucestershire


    In addition some of Dr. Easttom's books have been translated into additional languages including German, Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin.    
Media References
My computer science expertise has been sought out by reporters including:

CNN Money interviewed me regarding alleged unbreakable cryptography http://money.cnn.com/2011/09/02/technology/unhackable_code/
 CBS SmartPlanet interviewed me regarding NSA and cryptography http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/bulletin/nsa-proof-products-protective-or-a-profit-motive/
 E-Books directory lists my “Moving from Windows to Linux” book as one of the top 10 Linux books http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/linux/top10.html.
Lawrence Journal World interviewed me for a hacking story that was published August 6, 2006. The article was entitled "Hackers infiltrate Web site".