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Computer security is on everyone's minds these days.  Every day brings another story of another breach.  Often organizations find they need an outside consultant to assist them.  This can include security training, security audits, penetration tests, helping to create security policies, and more.  When you want security consulting you want to make certain you are getting highly qualified, highly experienced people. A brief summary of Chuck Easttom's qualifications are given here:

  • He holds a D.Sc. in Cyber Security. a Ph.D. in technology, a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and 3 masters degrees

  • Almost 30 years in IT

  • He holds over 65  Industry certifications including many of the major security certifications such as CISSP, CEH, CASP, CHFI, ISSAP, ECSA, CCFP, CySA+, Pentest+, CIW Security Analyst, and more.

  • The author of 31 computer science books. Eight are computer security books, four are cyber forensics books, one is a penetration testing textbook, and one is a cryptography book. Many of these are used as textbooks at over 60 universities.

  • Frequently teaches computer security including cryptography, penetration testing, forensics, and security procedures to various companies, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and friendly foreign governments.

  • He was part of the original team that created the CompTIA Security+ certification. He also worked on the revising of the Certified Ethical Hacker v8 and is the creator of the Professional Pen Testing certification.

  • Many years of practical security experience including audits, penetration tests, and formulating security policies.

  • He is a frequent speaker on computer security topics. He has been a speaker at Secure World Houston, Hacker Halted, Takedowncon, Defcon, ISC2 Security Congress, Harvard Computer Society, Columbia University ACM Chapter, ICCWS,  University of Texas at Dallas ACM Chapter, to name just a few.

Security Consulting

Services Chuck Easttom provides:

Security Audit: A complete audit of your organizations network security including review of policies, disaster recovery plans, security measures, firewalls, logging, anti virus, employee training, and more.  The cost for this is based on the size of the network.

Policy Review: Setting up or revising your incident response policies, disaster recovery policies, forensic policies, or other security related policies.

Penetration Testing:  A penetration test is when a skilled person utilizes hacking techniques to attempt to compromise your security.  If such a test is performed in a thorough, but safe manner, it can reveal security flaws that no security audit would uncover. The time required for a penetration test is based on the specific items tested. 

Forensic Analysis: In addition to many years of teaching forensics, Dr. Easttom provides forensic services. For details see his forensics page.

Security Consulting: consulting services helping you develop security procedures and policies, understand your risks, plan your defense, and training programs.

If you wish to discuss these services contact Dr. Easttom at chuck@chuckeasttom.com