Dr. Easttom is currently an adjunct lecturer for Georgetown University teaching graduate courses and for University of Dallas teaching a graduate forensics course. He was previously a professor of practice at Capitol Technology University. 

Dr. Easttom also teaches  a variety of training courses through multiple venues.  His courses are done via his company CEC-Security LLC which  is an approved vendor by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Initiative For Cyber Security Careers and Studies (NICCS)

This includes the following courses as well as custom designed courses:

Hacking and Penetration Testing
Secure Programming
Programming (C++, Java, Smalltalk, C#, etc.)
3 in 1 Forensics (CCFP, CHFI, OCE)
Phone Forensics
JTAG Phone Forensics
Firewalls and IDS
CISSP Certification Prep
CSSLP Certification Prep
Security+ Certification Prep
ISSAP Certification Prep
CASP Certification Prep

Class Description
Asymmetric Cryptography: This course covers the mathematics and the actual algorithms for RSA, Diffie-Hellman, ECC, MQV, and related number theory. This is a two day course.

CASP Prep: This is a prep course for Certified Advanced Secure Practitioner from CompTIA . It is a 5 day/ 36 hour course.

CISSP Prep Course: This is a prep course for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a 5 day/ 36 hour course.

Introduction to Cryptanalysis: This is a three day intro to cryptanalysis course. It assumes basic working knowledge of cryptography.

Introduction to Cryptography: This is a four day course that covers historical cryptography, symmetric algorithms, cryptographic hashes, asymmetric cryptography, and a basic intro to cryptanalysis. It assumes no significant math background and covers the basics of discrete math and number theory.

Introduction to Penetration Testing: This is a five day/36 hour introduction to penetration testing. While if covers the essentials of the CEH exam, it is not a CEH course and covers additional materials not on the CEH such as pen testing standards and methodology, more in depth with Metasploit , and more details on malware.

Introduction to Metasploit: This is a four day/ 32 hour introduction to Metasploit that fully covers the Metasploit framework.

Security+ Prep Course: This is a prep course for the CompTIA Security+ exam. It is a 5 day/ 36 hour course.

Phone forensics Course: This is a 3 day/ 24 hour course that covers phone forensics concepts, Android and iPhone forensics, and at least two forensics tools as well as manual techniques.

Windows forensics Course: This is a 2 day/ 16 hour course that covers the details of the Windows operating system from a forensic perspective, and has hands on labs with OSForensics.

Secure programming: This course can be 2 to 4 days and can focus on any programming language. Most commonly people request a focus on web programming, Java, PHP, C++, or .net.